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It's amazing nowadays, but we still like to talk on the phone! Too many coaches rely totally on email, texting or other impersonal methods of communication. But we like to speak in person, and to see you in person whenever you are in our area or at the same race. We ENJOY talking about triathlon, cycling and running--sometimes all day long. It's the funnest part of the job.

So feel free to email, telephone, or fill out the easy online form. All information is seen only by us and not traded with any other marketer.

Tom Rodgers

We strive to protect our customers and ourselves from telemarketers and spam. To talk to us on the phone:

Send an email to "" that includes a brief message with your 10-digit phone number (such as 817-555-1111 for our area). This makes sure the email creates a text message to our digital integrated phone system on all devices, so we can respond when it's safe to make a call. We really do like to TALK on the phone more than texting or emailing!

Contact Us